News from SSC

March 2009
SSC Announces SASSA Support
SSC is continuing it’s partnership with Assurance Technology Corporation (ATC) in developing the Self-Aware Space Situation Awareness (SASSA) Demonstration System. The two-year, $29 million SASSA project is administered by the Air Force
Space and Missile Systems Center, Los Angeles Air Force Base, CA.

September 2007
SSC Touts Competitive Benefits

SSC is one of the few competitive employers offering employees 100% paid Health Insurance, 100% paid Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance and a generous 401(k) package.

July 10, 2007
SSC Staff Member Dr. Jared J. Wolf is Co-Patentee
Spaceflight staff member Dr. Jared J. Wolf is co-patentee on United States Patent 7,243,068 for “Microphone Setup and Testing in Voice Recognition Software”.  This patent has been assigned to a former employer.

July 2007
SSC hits $4.0 M in Sales
Spaceflight Systems Corporation hit $4.0 M in sales over a 12 month period in July 2007 (excluding sales by ESCA, a wholly owned Subsidiary).

September 2006
ESCA, Inc. Broadens International Marketing & Sales into Denmark
ESCA, Inc., a wholly owned Subsidiary of Spaceflight Systems Corporation, broadens its International Marketing and Sales into Denmark in September 2006

August 2006
ESCA, Inc. Increases Sales to 150 Units/Month
ESCA, Inc., a wholly owned Subsidiary of Spaceflight Systems Corporation, increases steady sales to 150 units per month in August 2006

July 2006
Nashua Telegraph calls ESCA, Inc.'s Electronic Medication System "Indispensable"
The easy to use, automated pill dispenser is voice-activated and announces when it is "Time for your Medication." The device helps the elderly remember when its time to take their pills. ESCA's second generation Medical Dispenser (MD.2) is especially popular in Iowa, California, Texas, Ohio, Washington, DC, and other places where the state helps pay for the machine through Medicaid.

April 13, 2005
NH Students Talk to Astronauts
On Wednesday, April 13, Maple Avenue Elementary School, in Goffstown, New Hampshire, had a successful contact with Leroy Chiao aboard the International Space Station. Students asked twenty questions in front of an audience of two hundred students, teachers, parents, and six local dignitaries. Three newspapers and a television documentary producer were in attendance to cover the event. Members of the SSC Amateur Radio Club (Callsign W1SSC provided all the equipment (radios, antennas, control systems to track the ISS) and acted as control (radio) operators for the contact.